Wine Tasting

Individuals / Groups

Tasting in the exhibition Tasting Salon Pálava 90 min
350,- Kč/person
Tasting in the exhibition Tasting Salon Pálava 60 min 250,- Kč/person
Here you will find 50 top wines from local winemakers from a unique collection, where the grapes come only from vineyards situated at the top of the surrounding Pálava Hills. The aim of the exhibition is to enable visitors to compare the production of individual wineries and to taste the largest variety of varieties grown in the region. You can buy wines here at the same prices as in individual wineries.


Exclusive V.I.P. tasting for 1 to 2 people

Guided wine tasting as part of the Degustation Salon Pálava exposition + Winery Stolová Hora 5.000,- Kč
Another person 1.000,- Kč/person
The time of this guided tasting and tour of the cellars is 3-4 hours. Our sommelier will take care of you during the whole tasting and will guide you through the historical cellars and present both the exposition of the Stolová Hora Winery and the exposition of the Pálava Tasting Salon. Part of the tasting is a tour of the winery with an explanation of wine production and the history of winemaking in the region. The participants will receive refreshment bites.


Special tasting 2-10 persons

Guided wine tasting - Comparison of Pálavské Vlašáky (incl. VOC Pálava)  40 min 250,- Kč/person
Under the guidance of the sommelier you will be presented about 6-8 samples of Riesling Vlašský not only from Pálava. The tasting will include an explanation of the philosophy of the VOC and the rules of classification of individual wines.
Guided wine tasting - Comparison of sweet wines 40 min 450,- Kč/person
Under the guidance of a sommelier, 8 samples of sweet wines will be presented to you with an explanation of how they are produced. As part of the tasting you will be presented with various types of sweet wines - a selection of grapes, a selection of berries (or selection of cibebas), ice wine, straw wine, tokai wine, fortified wine.


Smaller groups of 6-12 persons

Guided wine tasting Vinařství Stolová Hora 90 min 350,- Kč/person
It is a tour of the winery associated with the interpretation of production technology and wine tasting (incl. A small degustation bite). Wine production is not based on the traditional processing of different varieties. Wines are produced in very small, limited series, where six different drinks are produced from the same original must and only by using different processing methods. When touring the winery, you can compare these differences in taste, smell and colour of the wine and expand your wine horizons. The tour also includes a smaller educational exposition.


Larger groups of 10-40 persons

Guided wine tasting of selected varieties and winemakers 90 min 350,- Kč/person
It is a tour of the cellars associated with wine tasting (incl. A small degustation bites). The tasting is tailor-made in agreement with the participants, both in terms of wine types, varieties, and according to the residual sugar, as well as in terms of the vineyards represented. An agreed number of samples is presented, usually the number of samples corresponding to the number of tasting persons. At the end of the program, the participants will take a bottle to be consumed for further consumption. After the agreement can be ensured subsequent sitting in the cellars, banquet or music production.


Large groups of over 40 persons

Free degustation within the exhibition Degustation Salon Pálava + Vinařství stolová Hora 16.000,- Kč
62 bottles of top wines from local winemakers (approx. 260, - CZK / bottle) will be open for the whole group. Wines come from the exposition of the Pálava Tasting Salon and from the Stolová Hora Wine Winery. At the end, the participants take away any unfinished bottles.


Note: One tasting sample is about 2cl. You can buy refreshments in the form of a tasting bites from daily offer.


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