Visiting cellars

Every wine cellar has its own story. Come not only to listen to it, but to experience it. Discover the atmosphere of three centuries, and the result of hard work of many generations of winemakers that we have preserved in a unique comprehensive underground complex rotunda, tasting salon or tempered cellar with a capacity of up to 150 people.

Wine tasting room

Cellar with a unique wine exposition from wine makers from the Pálava region (Moravian wine region, Mikulov subregion). The grapes come exclusively from the vineyards of the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Pálava. Selected wines are stored in boxes and designed for tasting or selling.


Newly built smaller circular cellar with a capacity of ten people with closed booths where you can lounge Tasting Club members hills store their wine, then taste and fun as it once knights at the round table...

Tavern - tempered cellar with seating

After exploring the colder cellar labyrinth, it is comfortable to come to sit in a tempered cellar with a capacity of about 80 seats. You can organize family or corporate celebrations, work meetings or wedding receptions. The cellar is suitable for organizing corporate events, smaller congresses and business meetings. Why not connect a nice one with a useful one? Tasting Salon Pálava offers a wide range of uses and services.


The underground complex also has a smaller bar with its own kitchen and social facilities. After a visit to the wine cellar, it is certainly not good for some, but perhaps also a pint of draft beer.No wonder winemakers in South Moravia go and “have a cold one” after visiting the cellar to knock down the acidity .. Bar is open only during events in the cellar that needs to be booked together with accommodation (write us a note in your reservation).


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